Simple Line Following robot v2

I would first like to thank everyone who attended our Atlanta Maker Faire workshop. You were all great and I hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as I did. During the workshop many of you noticed a few mistakes in the wiring schematic, so as promised below is the updated electrical schematic:

Here’s my brother and I standing behind our booth at the Atlanta Mini-Makers’ Faire.


For those of you missed the Maker Faire workshop, the robot is completely open source and the design has a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.  Here’s are the files and drawings needed to reproduce the robot.

And here are the stereolithography (.STL) files to use in your 3D printer:
48004v4 3″ dia. wheel (qty-2)
48008v2 peg
48009v2 sensor light shield
48011v3 motor mounts (qty-2)
48012v2 base

In addition to the above 3D printed parts, you’ll also need the following purchased parts

Part No. Description Price Qty Extended Price Supplier
TCRT5000 Optical sensor / reflective switch $0.994 4 $3.98
9452K351 Buna-n O-ring, As568a Dash Number 241 (pack of 50) $11.21 1 $11.21
Nano v3.0 Arduino Nano micro-controller $13.80 1 $13.80 kennymarket
253471 120rpm 12vdc gearmotor 6mm shaft $14.95 2 $29.90
2159411 Dual H-bridge $19.95 1 $19.95 jameco
 24gauge wires & jumpers  Motor wire, jumpers, etc.  $3.00  1  $3.00  Various suppliers

And finally you also need to make the sensor array PCB, here’s the PCB layout constructed using our Taig CNC machine.

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