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How to make a robot :

Hi there! I’m a plant engineer by day, roboticist by night, and this is my place to talk and breathe robotics. I live in Atlanta, GA, have a wonderful daughter named Taylor and a wife Trina, and I also like hiking, gold prospecting, metal detecting and other outdoor activities.

…let’s get building:

We offer free tutorials on robot building and free robot plans.  So please visit often and we’ll try our best to provide what you need to make a robot too!  I love making robots and since I also work with industrial robots it gives me a unique perspective on the hobby.

I currently taking Intro to A.I. and machine learning classes online free courtesy of Standford University but so far what I’ve learned is way too advanced for my robot kids.  However, I have some ideas how to use the advanced robot learning algorithms in future bots.  Have fun!

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  • October 7, 2012 at 8:18 am

    Did you ever finish the dirt cheap hexapod robot?


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